Seaosn 2
BoBoiBoy Season 2
Directed by: Yap Ee Jean, Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria
Released: May 27, 2012: TV3
August 21, 2012: Disney Channel Asia
Number of Episodes: 13
Previous: Season 1
Next: Season 3
In the Extended Finale, BoBoiBoy leaves Rintis Island. But, after 6 months later, he came back to Rintis Island and studied at Rintis Island Primary School along with his friends. This season focuses mainly on the adventures that BoBoiBoy and his friends have at Rintis Island Primary School.
  • The episodes still don't have official titles.
  • The scene where BoBoiBoy hugged his granddad is seen again (Episode 1).
  • In Season 1, BoBoiBoy was wearing two Power Bands. While in Season 2, he has only one.
  • In Episode 1, Yaya said that Tok Aba is really lucky to have a grandson like BoBoiBoy which is almost  the same in the pilot episode when BoBoiBoy said that he is lucky to have a granddad like Tok Aba.
  • Season 2 episodes running time is 21 minutes unlike Panahon 1, which is 11 minutes in each episode.
  • From Episode 12, both Team Adu Du and Team BoBoiBoy have united together to stop Ejo Jo for threatening the Earth.

New characters:

  • Fang - (voiced by Wong Wai Kay): Known as the "Mystery Boy" (Budak Misteri) in the Extended Finale. As a new character in the series he is jealous of BoBoiBoy (so are Adu Du and Probe) because all of his classmates likes BoBoiBoy more than him. From Episode 4 onwards, Adu Du, and Probe became friends with him.
  • Ejo Jo - (voiced by Noriman Saffian): An alien who's the General Commander of the Planet Ata Ta Tiga.
  • Iwan - (voiced by Nurasyikin "Ekeen" Khalit): He joined Team BoBoiBoy in the Soccer game against Team Adu Du if it wasn't for him Team BoBoiBoy would have been defeated. And his one of BoBoiBoy's classmates.

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